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 A History of Korea_The Understanding Korea Series (UKS) 10

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A History of Korea is the tenth volume in the Understanding Korea Series. It explains the history of Korea from prehistoric times to the present. This book, divided by periods, helps readers to understand the main events and overall characteristics of Korean history. It covers each era’s political systems, culture, society, and foreign relations. As a concise introduction to Korean history, this book would be suitable for international Koreanists and students, textbook authors, and the general readers.

[ Contents ]

● Foreword

● Introduction

● Chapter 1
Prehistoric Culture and the Formation of Centralized Polities

● Chapter 2
The Foundation and Development of the Three Kingdoms

● Chapter 3
The Wars of Korean Unification and the Era of Northern and Southern States

● Chapter 4
Goryeo and East Asia

● Chapter 5
Goryeo and the Mongol Empire

● Chapter 6
The Founding of Joseon and the Formulation of its State System

● Chapter 7
Changes of the Late Joseon

● Chapter 8
The Modern World and the Korean Empire  (Daehan jeguk)

● Chapter 9
Japanese Colonial Rule and the Korean Independence Movement

● Chapter 10
National Division and the Korean War

● Chapter 11
Today’s Korea

● About the Authors

● Translators

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