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 제목 |  Jangseogak Hanmun Training Workshop
 작성자 |  한국알리기   작성일 |  2017/02/21 9:35 am
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Call for Applications:
2017 Jangseogak Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Training Workshop

The Jangseogak Archives at the Academy of Korean Studies accepts applications for 2017 Jangseogak Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Training Summer Workshop. We offer three-week intensive workshop from 3rd to July 21st. Junior and above undergraduate Students, Graduate students or Advanced degree holders who have studied Classical Chinese are eligible to apply. The Academy of Korean Studies will provide the participants with round-trip airfare (no more than 1,800 USD), tuition and board and lodging. All applicants are required to send us one copy of their school certificate or degree certificate.

1. Deadline: March 17th, 2017 (6 pm: Korean Time)
The final results will be individually notified in early May.
Please send your application and questions to: hanmun@aks.ac.kr
- Application Form (Attached file)
- Applications will be accepted only through email.

2. About the Workshop
Workshop participants will study for 6 hours from Monday to Friday during three weeks, and travel historic sites relevant to the text on weekends. English language is exclusively used in lectures and discussions at the workshop.

1) We expect participants to produce English translation of the classical Chinese sources.

2) In addition to the translation, each participant will be obliged to write an introduction to one classical Chinese source of his/her own choice from a list of fifty texts from the Jangseogak Archives.
(Due is six months after the completion of the workshop. The fifty texts will be carefully selected by the scholars in the Archives considering of the participants’ expertise and interest).

2017 Jangseogak Hanmun Workshop Application Form.docx
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