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 Korean Confucianism_The Understanding Korea Series (UKS) 3

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Confucianism was declared dead not long ago: many Western intellectuals anticipated its collapse in East Asia. In this century, however, it remains healthy and engaging in South Korean society and its overseas communities. This new book discusses various aspects of Korean Confucianism in terms of “tradition” and “modernity” pertaining to philosophy, education, family, social ethics, political leadership, national identity, ritual practice, and spiritual culture. It consists of eleven interconnected chapters. Although the book is written in a scholarly format, it is intended for a broader audience including college professors and students, school teachers and librarians, education agencies and officials, and general readers. It will certainly contribute to our better global understanding of Confucianism in Korea and elsewhere.

[ Contents ]
1. Confucianism: Great Teachers and Teachings
2. Korean Confucianism: A Short History
3. Eminent Korean Thinkers and Scholars
4. Self-Cultivation: The Way of Learning to be Human
5. The Ethics of Human Relationships: Confucian Influence on Korean Family, Society, and Language
6. Education, Confucian Values, and Economic Development in Twentieth-Century Korea
7. Confucianism and Globalization: National Identity and Cultural Assimilation
8. Modern Korean Women and Confucian Values: Change and Assimilation
9. Ancestral Rites and Family Moral Spirituality: A Living Tradition in Today’s Korea
10. Koreans and Confucianism in the West: Some International Reflections
11. The Relevance and Future of Korean Confucianism in the Modern World


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