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 Korean Politics and Foreign Affairs
Author : Edited by Jung-hoon Lee
Published by The Academy of Korean Studies Press
Published in October, 2011

  About the Book
Long gone are Korea's chronic bouts with abject poverty, illiteracy, socio-political upheavals, and low self-esteem in global affairs. Korea now enjoys a vibrant economy, burgeoning democracy, and, indeed, a pivotal role in world politics. Today, Korea is not only a world's top exporter, but also a host to a number of international summit meeting- G-20, ASEM, APEC, and Nuclear Summit (2012)-attesting to its growing strength and status as a global player. The fact that Korea, a country riveted by national division and devoid of natural resources, was able to turn things around in such a short span of time speaks volumes for its efforts in the realm of politics and foreign affairs. Looking into the intricate dynamics of Korean politics and foreign affairs is, therefore, critical to a better understanding of Korea's growth as a nation over the past several decades. 

  Table of Contents
1. Korea's "Mendicant Mentality"? (by Pyong choon Hahm, Former Ambassador to the United States)
2. The Man Who Would be Kim (Byung-joon Ahn, Professor of KDI School of Public Policy and Management)
3. Thawing Korea's Cold War: The Path to Peace on the Korean Peninsula
    (by Hong Soon-young, (Chair-Professor of Myungji University)
4. South Korea and the United States: Past, Present, and Future (by Han Sung-joo,
    Chairman of International Policy Studies Institute Korea)
5. Going Just a Little Nuclear: Nonproliferation Lessons from North Korea
    (by Michael J. Mazarr, External Researcher of Strategic Studies Institute)
6. A Rogue is a Rogue is a Rogue: US Foreign Policy and the Korean Nuclear Crisis
    (by Roland Bleiker, Professor or University of Queensland)
7. Responses to North Korea's Nuclear Test: Capitulation or Collective Action?
    (by Scott Snyder, Director of Center for U.S.-Korea Policy)
8. The North Korean Missiles: A Military Threat or a Survival Kit? (by Jung-hoon Lee, Assistant Professor 
    of Yonsei University and Il Hyun Cho, Assistant Professor of Cleveland State University)
9. Can North Korea be Engaged? An Exchange Between Victor D. Cha and David C. Kang
    (by Victor Cha, Director of Asian Studies, Georgetown University)
10. Our Other Korea Problem (by Nicholas Eberstadt, Henry Wendt Scholar in National Board of
     Asian Research


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