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 The Ancient Korean Kingdom of Silla : Political Developments and Religious Ideology
Author : Edited by Pankaj Mohan
Published by The Academy of Korean Studies Press
Published in August, 2011

  About the Book 

This volume brings together 12 essays on the history and culture of the early Korean kingdom of Silla that emerged in the early Christian era and continued to flourish until the early 10th Century. 10 leading specialists on early Korean history and culture address a spectrum of fascinating issues, including links between ideology, religion and politics, and locate political and religious changes on the Korean peninsula within an East Asian framework. While making no claim to comprehensiveness, it covers a range of issues-prehistory, the rise of Silla, the war of peninsular conquest in the 7th century, political developments during the Unified Silla period, and other themes in the history of Silla Buddhism as diverse as the place of Silla Buddhism in East Asia, Wŏnhyo, and the rise of Sŏn (Zen) Buddhism during the Unified Silla period. The book is focused in the dynamics of broad changes in early Korean society and its ideologies, and gives the background that is crucial for an incisive understanding of the patterns of Korean history. 

  Table of Contents
Part 1. Political Developments 
    1. Origin of the Korean People and the Formation of the Early State 
    2. The Rise of Silla 
    3. An Outline of the Kolp'um System 
    4. Korean War in the 7th Century: A Reprospective 
    5. Korea After the China Invasions 
    6. The Unified Silla Period and Parhae 
    7. Korea in Transition: Notes on the Three Later Kingdoms (900-936)
Part 2. Religious Ideology 
    8. The Ancient Korean Concepts of God and Kingship: Focusing on the Ancestor
        - Worship of Silla's Royalty 
    9. Buddhism and the Legitimacy of Centralised Political Authority in Early Silla 
    10. The Role of Korean Buddhism in the History of East Asian Buddhism :
          Korea's Contribution to the Madhyamika-Yogacara Syncretism 
    11. Wŏnhyo's Philosophy and his Contribution Towards the Popularisation of Buddhism 
    12. Sŏn Buddhism in Korea During the Unified Silla Dynasty (700-935)


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