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 Discovering Korea at the Start of the Twentieth Century
Author : Edited by Brother Anthony
Published by The Academy of Korean Studies Press
Published in May, 2011

  About the Book
The Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch was founded in 1900 by a number of very learned scholars, mostly missionaries, who had lived through the dramatic events of the past decade of Korean history. From the very start, they published Transactions, an annual journal containing articles about various aspects of Korea, its history and culture. The Korea that they arrived in was undergoing immense changes and their writings often represent a unique source of knowledge about the way Korea once was. The fifteen papers reprinted here offer fascinating insights into the way early western scholars viewed Korea; their witness remains fundamental to any in-depth study of Korean culture. 

  About the Editor
Brother Anthony (An Sonjae) was born in England, educated at Oxford and came to Korea in 1980. He is a member of the Community of Taizé. He was a professor of the English language and literature at Sogang University, Seoul, for more than 20 years. He is currently the President of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch; he is Emeritus Professor at Sogang University and Chair Professor at Dankook University. He has published nearly 30 volumes of Korean literature in English translation.

  Table of Contents
1. Preface
2. The Influence of China upon Korea (by Jas. S. Gale)
3. Korean Survivals (by Homer Bezaleel Hulbert)
4. Inscription on Buddha at Eun-jin
5. Korea's Colossal Image of Buddha (by George Heber Jones)
6. The Spirit Worship of the Koreans (by George Heber Jones)
7. Kang-Wha (江華) (by Mark Napier Trollope)
8. The Culture and Preparation of Ginseng in Korea (by Charles T. Collyer)
9. The Village Gilds of Old Korea (by Philip Loring Gillett)
10. Marriage Customs of Korea (by Arthur Hyde Lay)
11. Selection and Divorce (by James Scarth Gale)
12. The History of Korean Medicine (by Newton H. Bowman)
13. The Pagoda of Seoul (by James Scarth Gale)
14. Hunting and Hunter's Lore in Korea (by H. H. Underwood)
15. Gold Mining in Korea (by Edwin W. Mills)
16. Introduction to the Study of Buddhism on Corea (by Mark Napier Trollope)
17. Corean Coin Charms and Amulets: A Supplement (by Frederick Starr)


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