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    펠로십 프로그램 (2018년도)
성명 Christopher Paik
국적 캐나다
소속 New York University Abu Dhabi
연구주제 Explorations in Korean economic history: family lineages, exiles and civil examinations in the Joseon Dynasty
성명 Yoonkyung Lee
국적 대한민국
소속 University of Toronto
연구주제 Between the Streets and the National Assembly: Political Parties and Social Movements in Korea
성명 Serey Sok
국적 캄보디아
소속 Royal University of Phnom Penh
연구주제 Socio-economic contribution of labour migrants in South Korea and Cambodia: a case study of Cambodian workers in Seoul
성명 D’URSO Vincenza
국적 이탈리아
소속 Ca’ Foscari University, Venice
연구주제 The Place and Role of Ŏngan in the Regional Diachronical, Linguistic, and Social Dissemination of Hangul in Chosŏn Korea.
성명 Angie Heo
국적 미국
소속 University of Chicago
연구주제 Migration, Economy and Transnational Religion in Greater Seoul
성명 Taejin Hwang
국적 미국
소속 University of Tuebingen
연구주제 Korea as Cold War Development “Protégé”: Crossings of “Modernization” Ideologies and Agencies(American Peace Corps, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), Korea Overseas Development Corporation, International Development Exchange Program, Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA))
성명 Jooyeon Rhee
국적 캐나다
소속 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
연구주제 Crime and Empire: Crime Fiction in Colonial Korea
성명 Barbara Wall
국적 독일
소속 University of Copenhagen
연구주제 The meaning of manuscripts for the circulation of The Journey to the West in Korea
성명 Nguyen Thi Thu Van
국적 베트남
소속 University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS), Vietnam National University-Hanoi (VNU)
연구주제 A study on social participation and adaptation of South Korean-Vietnamese multicultural families' children in South Korea (Based on case studies in Wongok ward, Ansan city)
성명 Kida Pawel
국적 폴란드
소속 Institute of Linguistics Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan
연구주제 Morphosyntactic Model of Korean Language in Ancient Foreign Korean Grammars
성명 Jack Davey
국적 미국
소속 University of California, Berkeley
연구주제 Mortuary Ritual and Cultural Boundaries in Iron Age Southern Korea
성명 Sunyoung Yang
국적 대한민국
소속 University of Arizona
연구주제 The Internet Made in Asia: Cosmopolitics of Engineers
(아시아에서 탄생한 인터넷: 컴퓨터 공학자들의 범세계주의적 정치의식을 중심으로)
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