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 Title | About the Reception of the Material
 Author | Selen AKCA Date  | Fri Nov 16, 2012 7:40 pm
Hi I'm Selen Akca from Turkey. I've recently received the items I requested from you. Thanks a lot for givivng me oppurtunity to explore Korea and Korean Culture in detail. I find it very kid of you to provide materials for people who are not really able to find these kind of things in their country. I requested the book 'Guide to Traditional Korean Culture from your center and I received it two days ago. I just had the chance to take a look at it and I really loved it. Visuality is the primary feature the writers used for the book and it attracts the attention of people even if they have no interest in Korean Culture. The content of the book is also really nice and it gives the traditional culture of Korea from every aspects. I'm really glad I had the oppurtunity to have this excellent book. And I also requested and get the DVD 'Unesco Heritage in Korea' and it is also wondeful and very useful. The materials all in all helps a lot to me for my studies. Thank you very much.
 Title | Re: About the Reception of the Material
 Author | Admin Date  | Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:36 pm

Dear Selen AKCA

Hello. Welcome to the Center for International Affairs.

I'm Glad to hear that you received the materials.

We will do our best to provide better materials, data and information for you.

Thank you.

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