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    Visiting Lectureship

1. Description
The program places qualified lecturers in selected universities and education organizations. It is one-year grant and renewable. We expect continued support will be followed by independent lectureship in the awarded organizations.

2. Eligibility
a. Faculty affiliated with education and research institutions outside Korea.
b. You are ineligible if you failed to submit a final report or got an unsatisfactory evaluation from the Academy of Korean Studies, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the National Research Foundation of Korea, the Korea Foundation, or related funding institutions.
c. When a lecturer is punished because of mismanagement by the institution, the institution will not be allowed to apply.

3. Date of Announcement
a. Late April, 2010: Selected institution will be announced.
b. May 2010: Announcement of lecturer positions.
c. Late June: Announcement of results.

4. Class Evaluation
The project director is required to submit class evaluations assessed by students.
a. If the applicant’s institution does not practice class evaluation, the project director should present a written opinion about the lecturer and class within one month after the completion of the grant by postal mail.
b. Evaluation must be written in Korean or English. If the evaluation is written in another language, then the Korean or English translation of the evaluation must be notarized.

5. Notes
a. When an institution is partly responsible for expenses, an advantage point can be added in the peer review process.
b. Lecturers must be proficient in the language of instruction.
c. If an institution wants to extend the contract with a lecturer, a recommendation letter should be enclosed in the application packet.

* Download the file for details
◎ 2010_application_form.doc
◎ 2010_Guideline(Eng).doc
◎ 2010_Guideline(Kor).doc

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