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292011. 12. 14.Kim Youngna (Director, National Museum of Korea)The Impact of the Korean War on the Arts
282011. 12. 5.David A. Mason (Professor, Kyung-Hee University)Korea’s Sacred Mountains and Their Spirits
272011. 11. 23.Stephen W. Linton (Chairman, Eugene Bell Foundation)What Makes EugeneBell Different-
262011. 11. 9.Sheen Dae Cheol (Professor, The Academy of Korean Studies)Korean Traditional Music, Its Characteristics and Beauties
252011. 10. 26.

Yi Song-mi (Professor Emerita of Art History, The Academy of Korean Studies)

Art and Culture During the Reign of King Yeongjo (1725~1776)
242011. 9. 30.Ki Joong Song (Former Professor, Seoul National University)Peculiarities of the Korean Alphabet, Han'geul
232011. 6. 15.Brother Anthony (President, Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch)Pioneers in Korean Studies: the Founders of the Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch
222011. 6. 1.

Yi Song-mi (Professor Emerita of Art History, The Academy of Korean Studies)

The Return of the Euigwe Royal Documents of the Joseon Dynasty: What it Means to the Better Understanding of Korean Cultural History
212011. 5. 24.Andrew Eungi Kim (Professor, Korea University)The Christinization of Korea: Religious and Non-Religious Factors for the Remarkable Growth of Christianity
202011. 5. 10.

Han Sung-Joo (Professor Emeritus, Korea University)

Changes in Sino-U.S. Relations and North Korea's Nuclear Weapons Game
192011. 4. 13.Milan Hejtmanek (Professor, Seoul National University)The Restless Quest for Moral Excellence and Bureaucratic Competence: The State Examination System And Its Contradictions in Chosôn
182011. 3. 30.Yoon Young Kwan (Professor, Seoul National Univeristy)Denuclearization of North Korea and Peace Settlement on the Korean Peninsula
172011. 3. 16.

Lee Charm (President, Korea Tourism Organization)

Tourism, an Industry of Hope
162011. 2. 22.Hahm Chaibong (Director, Asan Institute for Policy Studies)Sino-North Korea Relations
152011. 2. 8.Jeffrey D. Jones (Chairman, the Partners of the Future FoundationDo We Know Where We Are?
142011. 1. 28.Sung Wook Nam (President, Institute for National Security Strategy)North Korea`s Military Adventurism and the Third Hereditary Transfer of Power
132011. 1. 19.Kim Lena (Professor Emerita, Hongik University)International Elements in Buddhist Images at Soekguram Grotto-
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