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382012. 11. 07.Lee Kang Hahn (Professor, The Academy of Korean Studies)The Go'ryeo Dynasty Period, a Unique Era for the Korean People - Examined from the Aspect of Foreign Trades
372012. 10. 17.Charles La Shure (Professor, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies)Literature as Art in Colonial Period Short Stories
362012. 09. 05.

Hong-Key Yoon (Professor, University of Auckland)

The Role of Pungsu(Geomancy) in Korean Culture
352012. 06. 20.

Darcy Paquet (Adjunct Professor, Kyung Hee University)

Korean Cinema in the Colonial Era: 1910-1945
342012. 05. 30.

Okpyo Moon (Professor, The Academy of Korean Studies)

Constructing National Haute Cuisine in Globalizing Korea
332012. 05. 15.

Evelyne Cherel-Riquier (Professor, University of La Rochelle)

South-Korean Catholic Church and Democratization Movements
322012. 04. 18.Chaibong Hahm (President, Asan Institute for Policy Studies)Being Korean: Korea, the West and the Construction of Modern Korean Identity
312012. 03. 29.

Haewon Kim (Associate Curator, National Museum of Korea)

Korean Buddhist Paintings
302012. 02. 15.

Seong-Rae Park (Professor Emeritus, Hankuk University of Korean Studies)

Science and Technology in Korean History
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