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 Title |  2019 AKS Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Fellowship
 Author |  Admin   Date |  Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:11 pm

The Division for the Promotion of Korean Studies Abroad at AKS’s Center for International Affairs hosted the first “Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Fellowship” over 16 wees from September 2 (Monday) through December 30 (Friday), 2019. The AKS Hanmun (Classical Chinese) Fellowship was held for the first time this year in order to enhance the hanmun skills of the next generation of Korean studies scholars – university juniors and seniors and graduate students majoring in Korean. Even though this was the first fellowship, we received many applicants, showing how high the demand and interest in hanmun education is abroad.

Seven participants were selected from seven different countries around the world. Three courses were taught on Gyemongpyeon, Mencius, and The Heritage of the Three States (Samgungyusa), each taught by excellent instructors once a week for three hours on either Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. The participants all experienced hanmun education for the first time and showed great progress. The participants also had opportunities to learn about Korea’s political system, economy, society, culture and lifestyles as well as network with domestic and international students in Korea through visits to Korean studies graduate schools.

We plan on holding the second and third Hanmun Fellowships in 2020.
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