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 Title |  2019 The Academy of Korean Studies & Russian Academy of Education Textbook Seminar
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AKS’s Center for International Affairs held the ‘2019 The Academy of Korean Studies & Russian Academy of Education Textbook Seminar (AKS-RAE Textbook Seminar)’ over four days from November 18 (Monday) – November 21 (Thursday), 2019. The seminar was attended by the Director of RAE’s Psychological Institute and a leading researcher from the Russian Research Institute of Education.

At this seminar, the two researchers shared their opinions on changes in each country’s education system and psychological education treatment systems in the information age. Korean participants included researchers from AKS’s Division of Understanding Korea Project. In addition to expanding mutual understanding, these discussions about the changes in each country’s education systems also provided an opportunity to discuss ways to broaden the academic cooperation between the two countries.

Particular attention was paid to Korea’s education policies, curriculum, textbook development, and education advancement in the information age. The researchers also discussed the future of Korean education and ways to increase educational relations between Korea and Russia. While discussing each country’s education system and psychological service systems used in education, they discussed the future of psychotherapeutic services in education.

The visitors experienced Korea’s traditional culture and historical sites by touring palaces, Insa-dong, and Myeong-dong. They made rubbings at the “Story of King Sejong” near Gwanghwamun and visited the “Rubbings of the Steles and Tomb Tablets of the Joseon Dynasty” special exhibit at AKS’s Jangseogak. These experiences were opportunities for the visitors to learn indirectly about Korea’s cultural excellence and the efforts to preserve that cultural heritage.

The officials from RAE actively participated in each part of the seminar, and they praised Korea’s culture and art, economy, and society. The participants observed the educational aspects of each country, and the Russian visitors expressed thanks for the various cultural experiences. They discussed specific ways to maintain and expand educational cooperation between Korea and Russia, including textbook development.
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