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    Competitive Research Funding

1. Description
The program supports excellent individual or collaborative projects for generating world-class research. The fund is given for one year. The maximum grant period cannot exceed two years. If it is a two-year project, you must submit a renewal application in the second year to renew the project.

2. Eligibility
a. Researchers affiliated with institutions outside Korea.
b. Applicant is required to have more than two research results in the past four years. These research results should be published in peer-reviewed journals or as academic books (translated work worth academic value included).
* Note: Papers published in conference proceedings will not be considered.
c. Previous grant recipients must have submitted all reports to be awarded funds in the 2010 grant cycle.
d. Those who failed to submit a final report or got an unsatisfactory evaluation from the Academy of Korean Studies, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the National Research Foundation of Korea, the Korea Foundation, or other related funding institutions are not eligible.
e. Previous awardees who failed to use the grant to implement the approved project are not eligible.

3. Grant Administration
a. Grant period: Research period is June 1, 2010 to May 31, 2011. The funds will be remitted within one month after receipt of the agreement. Korean Studies Grant is exempted from overhead costs.
b. Termination and return of grants. Grants can be terminated or recovered in whole or in part for any of the following reasons:
i. Grantee fails to comply with original purpose in spending grant.
ii. Grantee fails to observe AKS Grant Handling Regulations.
iii. Grantee intentionally provides inaccurate information in application.
iv. Grantee fails to submit interim or final report.
v. Grantee intentionally submits an inaccurate report.

4. Reporting
a. Grant reports:
i. Interim report is due on December 31, 2010. You are required to email it to us. Interim report can be used to allow the second year’s plan.
ii. Final report is due on May 31, 2011. Final report and publication should be submitted via email by May 31, 2011. Grantees are required to submit an abstract in Korean or English if publication is not written in Korean or English. The financial statement issued by the university should be submitted via postal mail by July 31, 2011. If the grant is not managed by the university, submission of original receipts is required.

b. Project results:
Grantee’s research results should be published in peer-reviewed journals or academic books. Five copies of the publication must be submitted by postal mail. Grantee is required to submit project results within one year after completion of the project.

c. Any publications from the grant (research papers, translation works, and books) must include the following statement:
i. For a Korean publication: “이 연구는 2010년도 한국학중앙연구원의 지원에 의하여 수행되었음 (AKS-2010- R-000)”
ii. For an English publication: “This research was supported by the Academy of Korean Studies Grant (AKS-2010- R-000)”
* Note: The designation 000 will refer to the individual grant number.

d. Copyright:
Copyright of materials resulting from this grant will be retained by the author(s). Nevertheless, the Academy of Korean Studies and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) can use the project’s results in online and printed publications for nonprofit and academic purposes without permission of the project director(s) or author(s).

5. Evaluation of Results
Project results are evaluated by the Committee for Overseas Korean Studies. The project is graded according to four standards: A “Excellent,” B “Good,” C “Below Average,” and D “Failure.” If a grantee gets a “C” grade, he or she is ineligible to apply for the Korean Studies Grant for three years. Grantees who receive a “D” are ineligible to apply for the Korean Studies Grant for five years.
*Note: When the grantee’s research result is published in NRFK registered journals, SCI, SSCI, A&HCI, Scopus listed journals, or by another peer-reviewed publisher of the book, the above evaluation procedure is not necessary.

* Download the file for details
◎ 2010_application_form.doc
◎ 2010_Guideline(Eng).doc
◎ 2010_Guideline(Kor).doc

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