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The Center for International Affairs (CEFIA) of the Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology was established on March 2003 in order to conduct its role to spread history and culture of Korea to the world. The CEFIA carries out two core services.

The CEFIA carries out the supporting service of overseas Korean studies for the promotion of overseas Korean studies by sending visiting lecturers, supporting researches of invited scholars in Korean studies, providing lectures in Korean culture to invited foreigners, supporting international conferences, South-North Joint Academic Conference, the development of textbooks in Korean studies and providing information on the current status of overseas Korean studies through internet.

And, the CEFIA carries out the Understanding Korea Project in order to correct errors on the contents of various foreign textbooks related to Korea and provide extensive contents related Korea by providing analysis of foreign textbooks, correction of errors, training sessions for invited textbook specialists, the development of booklets for Korea, the Review of Korean Studies, and support of outside organizations.

The CEFIA intends to contribute to raising the level of foreigners' recognition over Korea and upgrading Korea's national prestige by considering “What should we introduce for Korea?” as well as "How can we introduce Korea accurately?”

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