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The Academy of Korean Studies, and the Center for International Affairs("the Center"), sends their best to all local and international enthusiasts with passion and love for Korean studies!

The Center, a division of the Academy of Korean Studies, was established in 2003 to promote international collaborative efforts, to support new perspectives on theworld, and to provide more opportunities to understand Korea Through multi-dimensional cultural and academic programs.

The Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) seeks to uplift the quality of Korean studies and research and to expand the influence of Korean studies with a range of research support programs including overseas Korean studies research support, fellowships, international conferences, dispatches of lecturers to overseas and an excellent thesis award etc. Also, we hold AKS Culture Program for Foreign Students and Scholars in Korean Studies, Korean Studies World Congress, Global Forum on Civilization and Peace, etc. not only to facilitate communications among the established and next-generation Korean Studies scholars in the global platform, but also to share the fruits of the Korean Studies to scholars in the adjacent disciplines.
We correct any erroneous information on Korea in international textbooks by analyzing foreign textbooks and inviting textbook experts and Korean studies researchers, and visiting textbook-related institutions and ultimately provide correct information on Korean culture and history to the international community and contribute to the attainment of a higher level of awareness of Korea. Furthermore, we are also in charge of developing and distributing various materials to introduce Korea.

We will continue to strive to support research that contributes to the development of Korean studies and to offer correct information on Korea. We will do our best to establish the due status that Korea and Korean culture deserve in the world. We expect your ongoing interest and participation.
Thank you. 


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